Udacity VR Nanodegree, TeamWorks Project:

Andromeda Intiative


Udacity’s VR Nanodegree program has option Virtual Reality team projects where you get to create VR content while working with other students from all over the world. For this teamworks project, the theme was ‘Patterns’. My team, Team Aech, of four consisted of Natalia Kaganovskaya(Ukraine), Diana Cristina Culincu (Romania) and Ahmed Chehab el Dine (Lebanon). I’m from Kenya so we’ve really got a lot of the world represented in our group!

We quickly decided that we’d do something with a space theme. We decided to create three mini puzzle games that could be accessed through a central spaceship scene called ‘Astrarium.’ The three games were ‘Escape the Planet’, ‘Corellia’ and ‘Escape the Ship’. To complete the game, you have to figure out each puzzle and return to the spaceship and complete a final star puzzle.

Take a look at the video game play of our game here:


To read the full write up and documentation of this project, please click here to see it on Medium.com.