Work in progress


I’ve been working on some research containing complex network graphs, derived from my lab’s research tool Media Cloud - an open platform platform for media analysis. I was working on a link map that looked something like this:

Gephi Image of Media Cloud link map

Gephi Image of Media Cloud link map

While people who understand network graphs well can make something out of this information, I’ve been looking for ways to make the information fun and interactive. Naturally, I figured that VR would be an interesting way to explore 3 Vector network graphs. I wanted the experience to be the following:

  • Imaginative

  • Immersive

  • Interactive

  • Informative

While still a work in progress, I was fortunate enough to present the work at the Fall 2018 Media Lab member meeting. I got to Demo the work to lab members from Google, Pepsi, Boston Consulting Group, Salesforce, Intuit and Ideo!


Stay tuned for more…