1. Behavioral Economics Study (Yale Senior Thesis, 2016)

ABSTRACT: Do young people in Kenya mistrust other people based on their ethnicity? I carry out the Trust Game (Berg et al. 1995) to analyze whether young people in Kenya mistrust non co-ethnics and trust co-ethnics. I find that people trust their co-ethnics significantly more than non co-ethnics and that people who are interested in politics are more likely to carry this bias. I also find that attitudes toward tribalism do not reflect actual behavior.


  1. The Camel's Back* (Yale Senior Thesis, 2016)

SUMMARY: An award winning short film about a young African girl who thinks she has only one day left to live. Winner of Yale's Best Senior Thesis Prize and The Mashiriki Film Festival's Best East African Short Film Award. 

*Use youareteam for password to view.

  2. All Sweetness and Light (2016-present)

SUMMARY: A feature length screenplay based on the Africa-Student Airlift to the United States in 1960. Research for the film was conducted using archives at Stanford's Hoover Library and was funded by the Ford Foundation. The screenplay is currently a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.  

Social Impact:

  1. SiChana (2013-present)

ABOUT: SiChana is an advocacy program that seeks to improve the lives of girls in Kenya by engaging them in advocacy programs and community development enriching activities. We focus on the Kibera slum and have reached more than 1000 girls since our inception in 2013.

Other Projects:

  1. Woman Republic (2017-present)

ABOUT: Woman Republic is an upcoming platform that mixes art, data and technology to tell beautiful stories. We use the most creative tools to visualize important data thereby making it easy to understand, appealing and impactful. We use all and any art forms: Film, Virtual Reality, Painting and Illustrations, Graphic design, Photography, Literary Arts, Dance, Music and whatever other art form you believe in. Our first show, Dada meets Data, will focus on the Domestic Life of African Women. We combine art, data and technology to create a series of pop-up shows that will be open to the public in 2019.