About me


Yale University (B.A. 2016)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Media Lab Graduate Researcher (M.S. 2020)

Udacity Virtual Reality Nanodegree


Skills and interests

  • Virtual Reality (Unity, C#, UI/UX Design, Development)

  • Experience Design and Engineering

  • Writing and Storytelling

  • Civic Media: Technologies for Social Change

Hi! I’m Arwa Michelle Mboya (but I go by Ari, Ru, Meesh or a myriad of other nicknames!). I was born and raised in Nairobi but did my undergraduate degree in the US at Yale University (B.A. Economics and Film & Media Studies). I'm a first year Masters Student at the MIT Media Lab in the program for Media Arts and Sciences.

At the lab, I’m researching Imagination and Technology and tinkering with various other projects (which I call whimsies!). I’m a Virtual Reality fanatic and love programming games and other immersive experiences for the enhancement of our brain’s capacity to imagine.

Other than that - I love extreme sports, dancing, reading and watching the Bachelor. Oh and my baby cousin. He’s the cutest.

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